Be a Good Little Monkey

We are huge fans of Curious George in our house. The books. The shows. The movies. We love us some George. My daughter can even be heard calling the baby a “naughty monkey” when he gets into something he shouldn’t. Actually, I’m only able to type this right now because kiddos #1 and #2 are engrossed in the “Invisible Sound/Peeling Monkey” episode on Netflix (child #3 is down for a nap). Using the television as a babysitter? Right now, maybe, but I don’t feel THAT guilty about it since Curious George usually offers a life lesson of some sort and it’s perfectly appropriate for preschool-aged children.

Needless-to-say, we knew we would be going with a CG theme for our combo party to celebrate our daughter’s 3rd birthday and our youngest son’s 1st (their b-days are just 10 days apart). DD’s actual birthday is on Valentine’s Day, which fell on a Saturday, this year, so the party was set for the 14th.details Curious George

Didn’t want to go crazy on actual George monkey characters, but rather stuck with the color scheme of brown, yellow and red without going overboard. You know, balloons, flowers, bunting banners and the like.

details flowers details flowers 2 details HB banners

The birthday girl, eyeing the cakes

My daughter, eyeing the cakes

Brought in catering from a local Italian restaurant to save myself the headache and stress of trying to find the time to cook for 30 people, all while 3 little ones pull at my apron strings. Made the cakes myself, though, to save money; red velvet for my valentine girl and chocolate for my baby boy. (Recipes coming to my recipe page soon). Adorned them with darling personalized cake toppers from Etsy.

details both cakes

details cake scarlett

details cake Liam

Did our usual birthday posters with all of their faves and stats and they turned out super cute. We keep each year’s in the frame behind the current one, so it’s always fun to look through the previous years as we’re framing the new one.

details poster scarlett details poster Liam

Gave all the kiddos in attendance a cute takeaway, a bit of a departure from my usual bag/box of goodies; they each received a Curious George original hardcover book by H.A. Rey (board books for the babies), tied with a ribbon and banana. I did my research and made sure to order only the original titles, as the more recent releases are only “in the style of” H.A. Rey and not actually written by the author. Not as good, IMO. These seven original classics are:

Curious George

Curious George Takes a Job

Curious George Rides a Bike

Curious George Gets a Medal

Curious George Flies a Kite

Curious George Learns the Alphabet

Curious George Goes to the Hospital

details favors 1

It was only later that evening, after all the guests had gone and I was reading some of the aforementioned original CG books to our own tots before bed, that I realized what true gems these classics really are…Case in point; this page from Curious George Takes a Job, copyright 1947…

Excerpt from Curious George Takes a Job

Excerpt from Curious George Takes a Job

Love it.

Soooooo…I may/may not have sent the kiddos home from the party with some classic bedtime stories featuring a naughty, anesthetic-inhaling primate. What would the Man in the Yellow Hat say?!

Do I win for best children’s party favor of the year?

‘Night ‘night, my darlings. Now, be a good little monkey and go to bed (unless you pass out from the ether first).


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