Last Supper

Sooooo…THIS is happening.

Kitchen remodel

Kitchen remodel

We are renovating our dated kitchen (read: the husband is renovating our dated kitchen), in favor of new cabinets, counters, sink, garbage disposal and even including (gasp!) a microwave. When we moved into this 1973-built home, 5 years ago, there wasn’t a microwave. With very little counterspace, we didn’t feel compelled to buy one. No micro is supposedly healthier, right? And so, we learned to live without…

Until now.

We are updating the kitchen and bathrooms in order to pull top dollar when we put the house on the market in the next few months. We plan to move into a better school district in time for E to start Kindergarten in the fall. Lots of changes. Lots to do.

Whilst waiting for the hubs to re-do electrical, demo kitchen, move plumbing, install new kitchen and the seemingly-endless process of measuring, fabricating and installing new counters, it looks like I will be without a kitchen for more-or-less a month. An entire month! God help us.

Knowing this daunting timeline, I wanted to make one last good meal before demo began and Habitat for Humanity came to pick up the old kitchen. For our “Last Supper,” I chose our good old standby; our tried-and-true-and-always-delicious-hard-to-mess-up, Perfect Roast Chicken.

Just like Ina does for her Jeffrey, I’ve been making this, probably, once a week for the last year; since I was brave enough to give it a try. I don’t know why, but I was always intimidated by roasting an entire chicken. It looked so fancy, so fussy.

It. Is. Not.

So simple. So delicious. Just prep it, put in in the oven for 90 minutes, walk away and let it do it’s thing.

The first few times I made this Perfect Roast Chicken, I followed Ina Garten’s version and included onions, carrots and fennel, as she does. One time, though, I was out of carrots, so I threw in some sweet potatoes as a substitute.

We ended up fighting over the sweet pots and left all the rest.

So, from that point forward, I didn’t even mess with any other vegetable. It’s something about the way the juices drip over the sweet potatoes and caramelize them. To die for. Truly.

And the way the butter sizzles, browning the skin, combined with the aforementioned caramelized sweet pots…your house smells heavenly. Trust. It’s an all-around amazing olfactory experience. Just thinking about it…I’m salivating and smiling as type.

But please, please let it rest when you pull it out of the oven. I promise, if you can resist cutting into that perfect, shimmering bird for 20 minutes or so, you’ll thank me. It needs to retain the juices. If you just let it rest, you’ll have the moistest roast chicken you’ve ever had in your entire life. Get the recipe HERE.

Roast Chicken and Sweet Pots

Roast Chicken and Sweet Pots

It’s so simple, so delicious, you’ll wonder why you ever purchased those pre-roasted (dry) birds from the grocery store.

But (sigh) I am without a kitchen. For a month. I’m going to lose my mind. Folks that have been through a kitchen reno and survived…any advice?

Send help! (And takeout.)


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