How’s THIS for organization?

When we were clearing out the kitchen for our recent remodel, I couldn’t help but shake my head in disgust at my “pantry”, a.k.a. the Lazy Susan. I hated it. Spice jars on their sides, various torn bags of sugar and flour, mystery substances coating the shelves. Many, MANY items expired. So gross. And SO unorganized. I didn’t even know what I had in there! Shameful.

So, I got to work on finding a solution. Ok, I looked on Pinterest, but finding time to do so was work. Alas, during nap time one afternoon, I stumbled upon these great spice jar labels from Thyme and Tamarind. Exactly what I didn’t know I needed! She even provides a free printable download with just about every spice you can imagine.

(Since it’s non editable, and I knew I wanted to cross over into larger dry goods organization, as well, my husband created a coordinating design in photoshop for larger labels).

And. I. Love. It.

Click here: Pantry Labels. Done!

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