Perfect summer meal


You ever come across that one summer dish that you never get tired of? I’ve had this one in my arsenal for a few years, now, and finally decided to post it.

Originally, it was a tear-out from and old issue of Better Homes and Gardens, but it still holds up as one of our faves each year. Once the weather warms, peaches come into season and we fire up the grill, we look forward to chowing down on this light (but just the right amount of filling) meal.

If you’ve never grilled peaches, you are missing out. Truly! (I think the yellow ones–vs white peaches–grill up a little sweeter). And throwing in the green beans with the orzo saves you on the dishes. Hardly any cleanup.

You can go with regular, old feta, or kick the flavor up a notch with the herbed variety. So simple. So delicious. Try it and report back. Recipe Here: Grilled Chicken & Peaches w/Green Beans, Orzo & Feta

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