The apple doesn’t fall far…

We were def in need of a family day. We’ve been in a bit of a (actually, huge) transition and things. are. stressful. There’s been lots of work and little play, so we were craving some fun. AND…It was finally time to do something we look forward to all year; the apple orchard! Truly, next to Christmas, it’s a highlight for us. We love the fall weather, colorful trees, taking the tots into the beautiful orchard, watching them beam with pride every time they successfully pluck an apple and put it in the basket. All of it. Love.


But, I’d be lying if I didn’t include our favorite part of the entire experience, the reason we won’t actually admit we are driving over an hour to battle the crowds at our Autumn Mecca…It’s the donuts. The warm, hugged-in-sugar, slightly crisp on the edges and soft all at the same time, apple cider donuts. Bar none, Edwards Apple Orchard has the best apple cider donuts in all the land. And, we consider ourselves connoisseurs. We’ve tried other places, other donuts. Hands down, Edwards wins. My family has been going to Edwards since I was a wee one, myself, and now my husband and I continue the tradition every year. Never miss it.

Wee babes headed out to the orchard


And, as much fun as our kids have on the tractor-pulled wagon, picking apples, riding ponies, the petting zoo and playing in the outdoor play place, their favorite part of the excursion is sitting on the old milk can stools in the apple barn cafe, devouring the fresh made donuts. Like my husband, they could easily consume half a dozen donuts a piece, no question. Guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree (pun intended).

In addition to the 3 dozen donuts we brought home with us (true story), we also now had this giant basket of apples. Lots and lots of apples, each of the kids picked themselves. Some perfect. Some were probably even on the ground, but we obliged and proudly took home the fruits of their labor (ba dum tsh).


Ok, so now what? Baking my apple pie is a given. Snacking on apples, daily; definitely! But, they will rot before we get through them all.

A little research turned up a recipe for apple muffins and decided to give them a try, with a few tweaks, of course 😉

little hand, apple muffin

Find the recipe HERE.

What do you think? Have a favorite apple recipe?


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