The fancier than cereal (still not fancy) morning breakfast fix

We’ve been traveling. We are tired. Too tired. But it’s the holidays and I feel obligated to step up my breakfast game. Truth be told, I made a beautiful strata for Christmas morning. We enjoyed the heck out of that strata. But then we left town the next day and half of my beautiful Italian breakfast casserole stayed home, all lonely in the fridge, untouched.

Just returned home from travels and, as previously mentioned, we are tired. And hungry, but we were gone so long the strata, sadly, has expired.

So, here we are and it’s New Year’s Eve. Ok, new year’s eve MORNING, but it still kinda qualifies as a holiday deserving of more than the usual bowl of Kashi (we do love us some of that Cinnamon Harvest, tho).


Did I mention I’m tired? The kind where we got the kids up at 3:00 a.m. to drive an hour to the airport in a blizzard to make our flight just seconds before boarding, and the toddler dozed/cried the whole flight, just to land and walk our party of five (with little legs) 3.8 miles to baggage claim, then another 1.4 miles to the tram to take us 7.2 miles to long term parking only to drive 25 miles to our house, where, once finally home, 2/3 of the cranky kids refused to nap at all, but tantrumed/crashed/finally went to bed early and slept 14 hours. THAT kind of tired.

Plus a little hungover (the parents, not the kids). Because, you know, the holidays.

So, when “hangry” and hungover and just too darn spent, you gotta reach for whatever’s in your fridge and come up with the cure.

Breakfast sandwiches.


The cure.

Bacon. Cheese. Bread. Slightly salty, just the right amount of grease and with that first bite, a smidge of egg oozing into the nooks and crannies of the english muffin.



Hits the spot and you can’t beat that with a baseball bat. 



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