Pantry Labels

Found this DIY spice jar project over at Thyme & Tamarind. I just love it! She includes a free printable download for this super cute design. Love it’s simplicity. Makes everything in my spice cupboard much more organized and easier to read.



Scored the spice jars at our local Hobby Lobby for less than a buck a piece. Cleaned them out of stock, actually, and had to go to another location to pick up some more. In total, I ended up with somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 jars.




Didn’t stop at the spice jars. The hubs created a similar design in photoshop and I updated my larger dry goods pantry items, too. Ball jars. Who doesn’t love Ball brand canning jars?! I’m glad I decided on the wide-mouth jars, though, so I can get my measuring cups and spoons in there.




Now I have my very own Butler’s Pantry. (Don’t I sound fancy?)

Truth be told, it’s cupboards, shelves and a counter within our laundry room, off the kitchen. But for argument’s sake, let’s call it a Butler’s Pantry.



For the spice jars:

  • 3 oz spice jars (I used the clamp lid jars)
  • Kraft paper
  • Xyron Create-a-Sticker (I used the 2.5″ model so I could cut the spice jar labels down to size, while still having large enough labels for the canning jars)
  • Scissors (or if you have one, a paper trimmer)

Clean the spice jars and dry thoroughly. I sterilized mine in boiling water, then laid them out to dry, upside down.

Print out labels from Thyme and Tamarind on kraft paper. She did an awesome job!!!

Cut out each label.

Run it through your Xyron.

Peal off sticker and place on jar.

Step back and admire your spice organizational mastery.


**Note: Be careful not to get these labels wet, as it IS just Kraft paper with a sticker backing, after all. These are designed for dry goods. You could probably take it a step further and laminate, too. So many possibilities!

Interested in my larger version for canning jars? Let me know!




  1. Danielle says:

    Hi there 🙂

    I’m interested in the larger size labels for canning jars. Do you have the template for download for purchase ?



  2. Ariel HP says:

    Hi – Thyme and Tamarind website no longer exists… Do you still have the downloadable printables for the spices & herbs? Could you email them to me at… I love these labels. Thanks!

  3. John Furr says:

    Hi, sadly Time and Tamarind is no more… so their labels are gone unless you’ve got a copy.

    I’d very much like your larger version for canning jars if you’re sharing

  4. Stork & Nest Mommy says:

    Ariel–Keep an eye on your email inbox. Just sent you the spice labels.
    Danielle and John–apologies for the delay in response. I’m searching my backup files for the canning jar labels we created. If you would, drop me an email at so I can respond to you, directly.


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