Simple Greek Yogurt Breakfast

Not re-inventing the wheel, here. Just passing along my fave combo when it comes to putting together a quick breakfast, or even a snack. Kiddos love it, too.

Nutritious? Check.

Delicious? Check, check.

Ingredients for breakfast


1 cup of Greek Yogurt (I like Fage 2%..thicker than others and less sugar than most)

1 Tablespoon raw/local honey

Handful of Granola (watch for sugar content)

Handful of berries of your choice (I like blueberries for the antioxidant punch they deliver)



Scoop serving of yogurt into bowl.

Drop honey into yogurt. Mix well. (Love my Le Creuset honey pot, BTW)

Mix honey into yogurt

Top with granola and berries–fold in if desired.

simple greek yogurt breakfast

So simple. So much awesome.



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