Alilo Buddy Bunny

Alilo Bunny Buddy A-2

I can’t even take it. The Alilo Buddy Bunny is so darn cute, I can’t even take it. From the moment I took this little bunny out of the box, my daughter claimed it as her own. She ran with it. Literally. She ran into the other room and wouldn’t let anyone touch it.


S claims bunny 2 S claims the bunny

The A2 model calls itself a “Children’s Digital Player, Early Educational Assistant.” That all sounds very fancy and it has many, many impressive features, but I have to be honest; what I LOVE about this little guy is the music! They are actual enjoyable songs! It plays such a variety, you never get tired of hearing them. My personal favorite is “Five Little Ducks Went Swimming One Day”. Whomever the fella is singing this version; he’s awesome. So soothing. I may be late to the party on this one, but I’ve never heard this particular nursery rhyme before the Buddy Bunny and I love it. It’s become my new thing, not only singing it as a lullaby for the baby, but it can be heard while I’m cooking. Or driving. Or taking a shower. And the speaker is amazing, particularly for a toy (ahem)…an “early educational assistant”. Seriously, though, it’s like a REAL speaker.

But this is for the kiddos. Back to the kiddos…

The baby can’t quite figure out the buttons, yet, but he’s mesmerized by the ears. The ears! They are these softly-lit LED ears that change colors. Perhaps the most impressive detail, though, as far as the baby is concerned, is the teething-friendly silicone. Nom nom nom.

bunny buddy silicone ears


While the Buddy Bunny isn’t exactly a cuddly, snuggle under the covers type of pal (though you certainly could), it’s fantastic for a nursery or child’s room. It comes in different colors, you can record your voice, listen to stories, load your own music with the usb port, it’s drop resistant, it’s a nightlight…so many possibilities.

Alilo says The Bunnies are a series of interactive and educational toys for children 0-12. There are three unique models, each with features including:  

  • Rhymes and Stories-Pre-loaded with 20+ popular nursery rhymes and bedtime stories to make learning fun for children. 
  • Voice Recording-Record songs and stories in your own voice and replay to children.  
  • Soothing Sounds-Pre-loaded with white noise, an excellent way to soothe your baby to sleep 
  • Eco and Cost Friendly-High-capacity rechargeable lithium polymer battery that lasts up to five hours.  
  • Durable-Drop-resistant ABS plastic with soft silicone ears.  
  • Night-Light-Soft bunny ears glow gently as a night-light with color changing effects.  
  • All content is fully updatable with the included USB cable.  

There’s a cute little video on the features HERE.

All-in-all, we’ve enjoyed our experience with the Buddy Bunny and think it would make a great gift for baby showers or under the tree this holiday season, IMO. You can pick one up HERE.

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(Disclosure: I received this item free of charge in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.)

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  1. Theo Pabey says:

    My daughter is now 5 years old. Thank god she’s not having any problems going to bed now, but she used to cry a lot before she was two. My parents bought a set of the baby white noise CD’s for her, and since then we kept playing whenever we want to put her to sleep, and it’s been doing the trick very well. (as well as me!) Just realized the CD’s have been put on spotify for download -Free-!!! So for those who need to keep their babies sleeping, here’s the link…

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