Children’s Multivitamin for finicky eaters

When my oldest turned two, he decided he didn’t like fruit, anymore. As in, no fruit of any kind. Ever. Even though he ate all the pureed fruits and veggies I made for him as a baby, and happily devoured chunks of raw fruit as he acquired more teeth, he suddenly decided to be extremely selective with his food (this included sudden aversions to vegetables, too). We made the decision early-on to not offer juice, since he was getting the real deal, anyway. That may have worked to our detriment since he now didn’t like anything with a fruity taste of any kind…not even candy! What kid doesn’t like candy?!

I worried that he was getting enough nutrients, so I decided to supplement with a multi-vitamin until we got over this toddler hurdle. Not perfect, but simple enough.

Did you know that nearly every kids’ multi-vitamin on the market is fruity flavored? Yeah, me either. Do now.

Tried Flinstones vitamins. Struck out.

Tried generic chewable vitamins. Struck out.

Tried gummy vitamins. Struck out.

Finally resorted to a liquid multivitamin and I tried to hide it in his oatmeal. HUGE strike out. The flavor, even half a dose, overpowered everything. Yuck! (His fave oatmeal has apples in it, btw–FRUIT!–and he doesn’t turn up his nose at that. Go figure.)

This trial/error (100% error) went on for over a year. He was still growing and relatively healthy, but I knew his diet was lacking and I felt soooo guilty about it. Couldn’t help but wonder how his poor diet and nutrition was affecting his behavior, as well. Toddler tantrum, anyone? He’s now four years-old and we still continue the food battle, but that’s a post for another time.

And then it occurred to me; he LOVES chocolate. I wondered if there was a kids vitamin out there with a chocolate flavor instead of fruit. If not, I would invent it! I would make millions from my stroke of genius, marketing to parents of picky eaters around the world. I would be a global success!

Before I set out to contact the US Patents Office and put in an offer on that Malibu mansion, I decided it best to make sure no one out there had stolen my idea. After some research on the web, I discovered that the folks at Yum V’s had, in fact, robbed me of my lucrative millionaire fantasy. Little chocolate bear vitamins. Blasted!

I ultimately placed an order for the Yum V’s Multi-V plus Multi-Mineral Formula Milk Chocolate with vitacost.coand awaited their arrival, fully prepared for, yet, another disappointing vitamin fail.

They were delivered a few days later and with baited breath, I presented the cocoa cutie cubby bear with breakfast. I even offered it as a “dessert” if the bowl of oatmeal was fully consumed.

And then…

SUCCESS! Finally. (Sigh of relief) My tots LOVE them! I sampled one and it tastes like a little piece of chocolate…which it is…along with some essential vitamins and minerals thrown in. And, now the babes ask for them at every meal, thinking they are getting a special treat! Though, I only give 1 a day and I keep them on a high shelf in the kitchen cupboard, just so the tots aren’t tempted to help themselves to these little yummies.

Of course, there IS no substitute for real vitamins from real food sources, but as Moms of toddlers know, this isn’t a reality 100% of the time. Add to that, a kid with food issues, and you’ve got a meltdown-worthy challenge on your hands. So, if the wee ones are being particularly finicky at the dining table and I can’t seem to get in an ounce of nutrition, I can drop the Mommy guilt just for a moment and feel better knowing that I can supplement with these. They will at least get SOME vitamins in them, that day, which makes these little bears worth their weight in gold.





**Warning: Keep out of reach of children, as with any vitamins or supplements.



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