Toddler Sheets

When my 2 year-old was evicted from the nursery to make room for her baby brother, we transitioned her into her new room. At two, we felt she wasn’t quite ready for a REAL big girl bed (even with safety rails). So, as we’d done with her older brother before her (who was only 21 months when she was born), we put her in a toddler bed. This is STILL a work in progress. It’s only been a few weeks and more than a few sleepless nights, but she’s getting the hang of it. Sort of.

We had to give the (former) guest room an overhaul suitable for a toddler girl. New paint. New wainscoting. New lighting. New furniture, inclusive of the aforementioned toddler bed. Now, to decide on bedding. Having been through this once before with our oldest, I knew what a pain in the a** the sheet set can be, especially with younguns who are all over the place when they sleep. Truly, we would watch them on the monitors as they slept in their cribs and marvel at the Cirque du Soleil routines they’d perform while they slumbered. That doesn’t change when you move them out of a crib and into a toddler bed…or into adulthood, apparently, as my husband always manages to kick off/untuck his side of the flat sheet resulting in the most irritating mess of loose sheets balling up around my neck. Never fails.

I digress.

As a result, the sheets rarely stay on the bed, or on their bodies, for that matter. Many a midnight and many a morning I would have to re-tuck in that dreaded flat sheet. I could take it off entirely (as we do with my oldest, now, on his twin bed), but then you have to wash the duvet/quilt/blanket every time you do laundry, rather than just the sheet set.

What do do? What to do?


I found THESE. These are genius! The most perfect little toddler sheet set ever invented. The people over at AB Lifestyles get it! The top sheet actually has elastic sewn across the bottom to keep it in place, just like the fitted sheet (but only at the foot end). Perfect! And affordable, at that. They’re super soft and quality is on par with those pricey “designer” brands. Wish I’d found these when my oldest was in his toddler bed. Would have saved me a ton of $$$ and my sanity.

Wonder if they make these for adults…

AB Lifestyles Toddler Sheet Set

AB Lifestyles Toddler Sheet Set

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