We recently had a bout with Thrush (ask Dr. Google about this bad boy), and by “bout”, I mean a 2 month-long ordeal.


No bueno.

If you’ve also been lucky enough to deal with this nasty infection (the worst!), you know that in addition to the flaming daggers shooting out of your nipples, and the white-coated tongue and mouth spots on your unsuspecting infant, this hard-to-shake buggar can also bring on a yeast rash on your baby’s bum. Ouch!

It wasn’t until we ran out of wipes and my Target store was out of my usual, trusty brand (note: the same brand I’ve used with all 3 tinies), that I picked up a substitute; I grabbed a package of Seventh Generation wipes and hoped they’d be as good as my go-to name brand. The package read,

“Baby Wipes free of fragrances & dyes

Free of parabens and phthalates

Hypoallergenic Baby Wipes

Baby Wipes that are thick, strong and generously-sized”

Sounded good to me and if I didn’t love them, no biggie. I’d just buy enough to get me by until Target re-stocked on my usual guys.

Best BY-CHANCE accident ever.

Not only are the Seventh Generations just as thick as my old stand-by, but my baby’s stubborn yeast rash cleared up within 24 hours of using the new wipes. HUH?! Could it be that the chemicals in my usual name-brand wipes were making his rash persist? My poor kiddo! If only I’d had this by-chance encounter with Seventh Generation sooner, my little guy’s bottom might have been spared. (Sigh). MOM GUILT setting in…

So, suffice it to say, THESE are my new wipes. There are no others, IMO. And God-forbid my Target is ever out of these…I WILL NOT substitute. I’ll just try the SuperTarget down the street.

Seventh Generation wipes

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